From non-readers to those who are college bound, George Junior Republic affords
every student the opportunity to achieve academic success. Whether a student is enrolled in a completely academic program or elects to spend half of his academic day in a vocational-technical program, all classes are taught on campus and are fully accredited to state standards.

Fifty-five highly qualified teachers, including twenty special education teachers, and an additional twenty-five instructional aides employed by the neighboring Grove City Area School District, implement a year-round comprehensive educational program. All instructional staff participate in regularly scheduled in-service trainings and employ best practices when designing instructional strategies. By maintaining small class sizes averaging 15 students, teachers are able to vary their instructional strategies to meet the academic needs of each student.

The focus of both the academic and vocational-technical programs center on critical thinking and traditional education, while simultaneously emphasizing application and active involvement to provide students with guidance and career exploration. Additionally, leadership and job procurement skills are integrated and reinforced throughout a student’s curriculum to strengthen his skills needed to be successful in the workplace and in the community.

Annually, students who have fulfilled their academic requirements partake in graduation ceremonies. Each student is presented with a diploma from the Grove City Area School District, and may be selected to receive additional awards including George Junior Republic post-secondary scholarships.

Together, George Junior Republic and the Grove City Area School District promote and maintain communication at the policy making, administrative, and training levels.

To inquire about Education at George Junior Republic contact:

Jim Anderson
Principal, George Junior Republic School
Grove City Area School District – (724) 458-9330, ext 3701