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Graduation/GED Requirements

A minimum of 24.2 credits based on work completed in grades nine through twelve is required for graduation. These credits must include the following:

Arts and Humanities 2.6
Credits Electives 6.0
Credits English 4.0
Credits Health and Safety Education 1.0
Credits Mathematics 3.0
Credits Physical Education 1.6
Credits Science 3.0
Credits Social Studies 3.0
Total Credits required for graduation 24.2

Students are awarded credit for courses upon completion of an overall percentage point average of 61% or higher. NOTE: No course can be counted more than once in meeting graduation requirements. This graduation requirement policy was adopted 4-11-60 and amended 12-11-78.

In addition to meeting credit requirements, students must pass all necessary PSSA tests and complete a senior project.

Students who graduate from George Junior Republic School receive a diploma from the Grove City Area School District.

Senior Projects
All seniors graduating from George Junior Republic School are required to complete a senior project. The depth of the project is based on the student’s date of enrollment and academic/vocational aptitude. Each student presents his completed project to a panel of teachers, support staff and administration from both the school and the organization. Suggested projects include:

• Research Project
• Vocational Project
• Service Project
• School-Based Project (yearbook, newsletter)
• Other

To guide a student through the completion of his project, a staff member is assigned to each senior. After a senior and his advisor select a project, approval to conduct the project must be obtained from the Principal, Assistant Principal or Guidance Counselor. Meetings between the student and his advisor are conducted over the common preparation period (11:42 AM – 12:25 PM) on predetermined dates. Projects are required to be completed and presented by early May. Students are responsible for scheduling specific dates and times with the Principal/Assistant Principal.

To inquire about Graduation Requirements at
George Junior Republic please contact:

William Poletti

Stephanie Sumner

Guidance Counselor,
George Junior Republic School
Grove City Area School District
Phone: 724-458-9330, ext 3710

general educational development
George Junior Republic offers Graduate Equivalency Degree (GED) preparation and testing for students who cannot fulfill the requirements, as outlined by the state, to receive a high school diploma.

Occasionally, due to a student’s age and academic credit standing the GED program provides a viable option. George Junior Republic provides after-school tutoring, specific to GED testing requirements, for students preparing to take the exam.