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Guidance Services

The school maintains student records and informational resource materials to be used by the school’s psychologists, guidance counselors, and occupational placement personnel, to enhance a student’s counseling, career exploration and job placement, as well as guidance activities and follow-up services. Moreover, the school promotes and coordinates counselor-parent involvement with student objectives, and initiates and conducts all educational contact with referral agencies. Finally, a certified psychologist, employed by Intermediate Unit IV, performs student assessments and testing.

A battery of assessment instruments is administered to each student during his orientation period. The results assist the guidance department in providing appropriate educational programming for the student. It is important the student takes the placement tests seriously. Accurate test scores will help to avoid any error in academic placement.

Additionally, the following testing services are available: SAT, ACT, PSAT, and ASVAB. *NOTE: Additional testing may be required if questions arise regarding a student’s academic and/or behavioral progress.

Career of the Day
Each day a career is announced over the public announcement system. If a student wishes to obtain additional information regarding the announced career, the student can request a printed handout from the guidance office.

Red Ribbon Week
Each fall the school focuses on turning young people away from drugs. Through fun activities and creative approaches to anti-drug education, Red Ribbon Week participants promote positive choices, good character, and a healthy lifestyle.

Summer School
Summer School classes offered include Reading, Mathematics, English, and CCC. These classes are for remedial purposes. Additionally, the vocational school offers an exploratory program.

College within the High School
Butler County Community College offers college credits for students who wish to experience what a college class is like. Classes are offered on campus for juniors, seniors, and staff each semester.

Report Cards
Report cards are issued six times per year to indicate a student's academic achievement. Marks earned are based upon percentage calculations, according to the following table:

Percent Equivalent
100-91 A
90-81 B
80-71 C
70-61 D
60-0 F
60-51 Student Conference
50-0 Referral To Counselor
I Incomplete Marks
  Refer to Make-Up Policy
  An Incomplete Mark is a Temporary Mark

Honor Roll & Failure List
Honor Roll and the Failure List are generated every six weeks.

Any student having an average grade of 90% or higher, including a Vo-tech grade, when applicable, is eligible for the honor roll. A mark of 70% or less automatically excluded's a student from the honor roll.

Any student who receives a grade of 60% or below is placed on the failure list.

A student's eligibility for placement on either list is dependent upon the length of his enrollment. A student must have been in attendance for four of the six weeks in a grading period.

Make-Up Policy
Unexcused absences - A zero percent (0%) is awarded for ALL work missed.

One-day absences - Students who are absent for one day are required to submit all work due (on the day of absence) the day they return to school. Any tests missed are to be completed on the day of return. (Tests not completed will be marked as a zero (0%). Work not submitted on the day of return or by the deadline is considered work not submitted on time, and subject to the procedures for such.

Multiple days of absence - Students have the same number of days of absence for make-up. A (10%) penalty is deducted for each day the assignments are submitted late. Three days after the end of the grading period, a zero (0%) is issued.

Terrific Tiger Award
The Terrific Tiger Award is based on a student’s behavior and classroom effort. A student is eligible for the award if they meet the following criteria:

• The student must have outstanding peer and staff relations.
• The student must not have any hole punches in the three basics.
• The student must not have any CIU or In-School Suspension placement.
• The student needs to be present for 20 school days during a six week marking period.
• The student is to be nominated by three or more teachers.

The Terrific Tiger Award is presented at the same time that report cards are distributed.

Recipients of the Terrific Tiger Award may also receive additional awards depending on the number of times the Terrific Tiger Award has been earned.

To inquire about Guidance Services at George Junior Republic please contact:

William Poletti

Stephanie Sumner

Guidance Counselor,
George Junior Republic School
Grove City Area School District
Phone: 724-458-9330, ext 3710