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Scholarship Program

George Junior Republic’s Scholarship Program was established in 1988, to financially assist George Junior Republic graduates and alumni who wish to pursue post-secondary education at college, trade or technical schools. Annually, the Scholarship Committee grants awards based on an individual’s application, references, and interview. To be eligible for a scholarship a student must meet the following requirements:

• A youth must have been in placement at George Junior Republic for six months to receive a scholarship for the following semester, or will need to complete an alumnus application. (Please click to download an alumnus application in WORD or PDF file).

• An individual must submit an application by the 2nd Friday in April.

• The application & references will be reviewed by the Scholarship Committee in May. A candidate that is still a resident will be interviewed by the committee at this time.

• A student must provide proof of financial aid.

Each semester an individual is granted a portion of his scholarship, which is mailed directly to the student’s school. If a youth does not attend school the year his scholarship is awarded, it is revoked. If the student wishes to attend at a later date, he must reapply in April for the next academic school year. Additionally correspondence regarding academic status as well as grades must be submitted each semester. Alumni will be considered for scholarships up to age 25. Alumni older than 25 must have completed some higher education courses to be considered.

To inquire about Scholarship Information at
George Junior Republic please contact:

Linda Houari, MEd.
(724) 458-9330, ext 3104